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Revel Gun


Utilizing a silent but high-torque motor, the Revel Gun mimics percussive muscle therapy to induce blood flow in a rapid manner to soft tissue in muscles, tendons and ligaments throughout the body. With a series of concentrated pulses on one particular spot, it can relax local connective tissue, ease areas long haunted by scars or surgery, and increase the flow of infection-fighting white blood cells. Also, elongates muscle fibers while providing relief on joints 




The Revel massage gun is absolutely perfect for fitness enthusiasts, athletes, and those looking for a great/quick personal massage. At first I was drawn away because of the price and considered purchasing a cheaper device from Amazon but am so happy I got this one especially when you consider you can skip the massage therapist just by using this. Not to mention how great the product looks and how well built and solid it is. Would recommend to anyone.

Jeff Lopez

So happy I bought this, it's been such a blessing to being able to minimize the time to get the aches out of muscles and get a quick run in the morning before taking kids to school

Will update as I get more experience with this device.

Victoria Ellis

I've unfortunately been dealing with back pain and sciatica for several years. In the past I had developed a stretching routine and inversion therapy that would help minimize the terrible pain. After purchasing the revel gun, I've been able to bring it with me everyone and use it as soon as I start to feel the onset of pain. Being able to use this throughout the day on my lower back, legs and arms has been able to greatly decrease my daily pain and even help loosen me up to develop better posture. So happy with this device, three thumbs up!!


So happy to speed up my recoveries and feel fresh for tomorrow's workout!!

Chris Guizzetti